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Entry #2 - I am a writer: Classroom version

The following text was written in class a few weeks ago by me as a stream of conciousness project. Thus, I consider this written production a solipsist attempt to apply my nihilism to define a concept as part of a random less and worthless world.

I am writer

As any writer I am creating or recreating or just copying my inner thoughts into a sheet of paper. However, as a writer I have a question, the following question implies a self- reflection of my actions so far but I will not answer a specific answer in this early task: If I am writer, what does it mean to be a writer?
In the film “The Shining” appears an interesting subject, the main character, Jack Nicholson  losses his mind and attempts to kill his family. This action of “losing his mind” can be analysed in terms of “the inside” and “the outside” due to our impossibility to distinguish what is real and what is not. Nevertheless, there are either many factors such as psychological, and socio-political factors that can be used to support the idea of madness not only in the man but also in the whole family to state that the images are projected by them (“the inside”) or to accept the sinister fictional environment as a trigger of problems. Our former inquire can not be answered directly stating that a writer produces an argument, supports it, and creates a perfect Borges-like prose ready to be sold out in stores, and this is so because we do not control our reason without mindless barbaric prejudices factors that make us worse than we are.

We have to accept that we are not decent, we are evil per se and we are evil a posteriori, and there is a dark side of that evil that lives in the culture. The answer to the question leads me to barely see the difference among a writer, a murderer with an axe, a writer and a demon. They all create, recreate or doom the world. Are we ready for some “real horror show”?


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